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Several weeks ago I was invited by good friends Jon and Joanne of Encarnacion photography to attend Tanja Lippert and Tia Reagan for a 5 on 2 TnT Dynamite 2-day workshop. It was much different from any other workshop I've taken. It was great to actually have someone behind you telling you what you're doing/saying wrong! We were tasked to direct the models while we were directed by TnT. On top of that, we were critique by the lovely models on what they felt and how we can improve. 

My mind was blown away! I learned so many tips and tricks that I couldn't even jot down fast enough on my iphone! Jon and I had light bulbs going off all day in our heads. HA! 

 Tanja and Tia Rocked ROCKED my socks AND my boxers off!!!!!! DooMo ARIGATO x 10^1000000000!!!!

Special thanks to Jon and Joanne! And shouts out to Kira of Kira Lauren Photography and Noreen! It was great sharing ideas and working with you ya'lls! Woot!

Here's a couple shots and behind the scenes shots that I manage to grab while my brain was absorbing awesome sauce from everyone. =)

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Tanja Lippert:

Quincy, Quincy, Quincy, i LOVE your blog post. Your images are amazing, I especially love the one with the birds. You are right, we did have an AWESOME day!!! Thanks for posting all the behind the scenes stuff too, you da bestest!!! Can I use some of the behind the scenes shots on my posts?

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Had such a great time in Ventura, CA at Mike's and Christine's wedding. SOOOO chill and  relaxing. It was one of the first time Jon and I were able to grab lunch during a wedding too!

Mike + Christine -> You guys rule! Enjoy the previews.

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