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Last time they were in front of our cameras, these two were parents to be! Now, their son is 2 year old - today! Amazing how fast time flies! 

Here's a couple frames from a session we did with Irene + Keawe for their engagement. Can't wait for the wedding in a couple weeks!

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maria reyes:

Such beautiful photos! What a lovely couple


My handsome son and his beautiful bride to be.....
I love these pictures!....RTI - you did it again! Captured the essence of them so perfectly...
Thank you....

anong green:

beautiful i love you

Sofai Bertaina:

This is what real love looks like... Amazing pictures... God is so good and great and He has blessed you both.


Yall are amazing! Thank you!!!


Yall are amazing! Thank you!!!

Mafa Auelua:

OMJ! How absolutely GORGEOUS these pictures are. I can feel the love in everyone of them. So excited for the big day and so happy to be a part of it. I love you both very much and YES GOD IS GOOD......ALL THE TIME!!!!!!

Soraya Block:

These pics are amazing....you two looked like you had a lot of fun doing this photo shoot. You two look perfect together....love you both.

Jonathan Encarnacion:

Gorg! But how dare you come into my hood and not say hi to my children! :O :)

Marji Afamasaga:

I love the shots of Keawe and Irene. They're beautiful shots, the lighting everything. Great pics I love it!


Awesome symmetry photographer! Very cute yet sexy couple--congrats!

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We had a blast shooting Jennifer & Aaron's Esession and hope they did too!  The location of choice...."Uncle Dave's" backyard.  :P 

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